Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

In the several months leading up to Halloween, Evie had started talking about what she'd like to be... and for quite awhile she was consistantly talking about being a T-Rex. She also decided that daddy should be a Brontosaurus and that I should be a Stegasaurus! As funny and delightful as the thought of us being a family of dinosaurs was, I could not imagine making her a T-Rex, let alone Philip a Brontosaurus and myself a Stegasaurus. Uhh... better come up with something good to take the place of that idea, or just hope that she forgets it.

So, who do I go to for Halloween brilliance?
The amazing momma that made these costumes last year.

My cousin Bethany made Diego and Eliana into Carol & Max from "Where the Wild Things Are".
Are you slack-jawed like I was still am?

Having been inspired from the year before this even, I decided to make Evie's costume last year. 
She was a little lamb.

But this year, I asked if we could join them in whatever theme they had in mind. And along with my cousin Elisabeth's new little boy, Finley, the theme was to be Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland".

With Diego as the Mad Hatter
(I LOVE all the details, so adorable)

Eliana as the White Queen
(notice the cute little mouse in her hand)

Two month-old Finley as Absalom the Caterpillar, with his daddy Paul 
(Elisabeth, I revoke your claim to not be able to sew! This was incredible!)

And without an Alice, there was a perfect opportunity for us join in this idea.
So, of course, Evie was Alice. Evie liked the idea and has been talking about it for over a month! I also liked this idea, because I could envision sewing it without sleepless nights.

But, Evie is in a phase of not wanting to do things, and crying about whatever that is. It wasn't looking good when we were on our way (to my brother Jason, and sister-in-law Wendy's house to gather), and she said that she didn't want to be Alice. When it was time to get dressed she cried through it all...

I would say, "But you are being Alice for Halloween."
Evie would reply, "I don't want to be Alice!"
"You look so pretty as Alice." I said.
"I don't wanna be pretty!" says Evie.

So, after a pep-talk with daddy, that involved going home without trick-or-treating and no candy... she changed her attitude. :)

I regret that we didn't get pictures outside, while it was still light out.
So they were awe-struck at the flash of our paparazzi-style family photography.

The whole Alice In Wonderland crew (yes that is a plushy-hookah!). I was amazed at what good sports the kids were in their costumes!

I think I flashed my camera a few too many times at Finley, poor little guy.
Then off to trick-or-treat after our amazing dinner of Potato Cheddar Ale Soup, Steak Chili and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce, OH MY! Jason and Wendy always make amazing food!

"Alice" with her handsome daddy

Even Finley made it to a few houses with his momma Elisabeth!

With cousin Emma, you can see the bounce in Evie's step, she just loves her!

And way past her bedtime, Evie's legs became all loosey-goosey and she fell down a couple times before we made it home (notice the grass-stains on her knee).
Overall a really sweet night!
I love my family.

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