Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goldak Family

 What a sweet job I have. 
I get to hang out with families that make me laugh, and that inspire me as a parent.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 Hi, my name is Emily and I post around here every now and then. 
Lately it's been more then rather than now. 
We recently moved out of our old house and into a new one. 

I have found myself wishing for the rest of the world to stop for a month 


But it hasn't, so... 
we aren't all unpacked, and our front room looks like a furniture store 
(couches on end and chairs on top of dressers). 

Who does that by the way?! Fully unpacked and set up in under two weeks? 
Maybe people that don't have children?

We have however, gotten all three bedrooms painted and carpet off of the hardwood floors, which are beautiful! And room by room we are making progress. 

And this has become one of our new favorite things:
the feel of the soft, grass on our feet.
It would be inappropriate to leave your shoes on whilst playing in it.
We feel so blessed to be here!!!

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