Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evie's New Do!

Here are a couple of before pics, a la Easter morning... 
(sidenote to LaLa: the golden sparkly shoes weren't staying on, 
but as soon as her feet grow again they'll be in high rotation!)

This was Evie posing for her picture... she is an arteest!

She was in a somber mood at the salon, 
even though she'd been asking for two months to get her hair cut. 
I was the one freaking out on the inside, just a little bit.

She chose a rocket to sit on and Dora to watch, 
how else would a three-year-old sit still for 45 minutes? 
That's how long it took to cut all that hair, 45 minutes! 

We had planned on doing Locks For Love, but it would have been up to her chin to cut off 10 inches... so drastic! 
Maybe next time.

Look at that expression, goodness. 
I told her "You are going to step on it!" 
(referring to her bottom lip, like Grandma-Great always says), 
but even that wouldn't get a smile.

When we were leaving the salon, she told me that she didn't like her haircut. 
But later, once we were home and looked in the mirror, she said "It looks wonderful." 

That's always how I feel after a big haircut... 
Big mistake! 
Oh, it's nice. 
Big mistake! 
I like it. 
Why did I do that? 
Why didn't I do that sooner?

I really like the cut on Evie, I think it's becoming.


Bethany said...

She's beautemous!

my little celebration said...

Cutie! Little evie is the cutest!! I love her new do.

mbdoornbos said...

The haircut is gorgeous. Bets loves it!! Oh, and Evie is right, she is beautiful!

Marie said...

her hair cut is adorable!

Rashelle said...

I LOVE the new do!

TheHappyNeills said...

oh it's sooo cute! it frames her face so well and really makes her features stand out even more!

Elisabeth said...

Super cute! 45 minutes is a LONG time what a champ for sitting through it.

Mindy Harris said...

she looks gorgeous!

alisha said...

It looks so cute! Where is that fun place you got it cut?

Melanie-Pearl said...

LOVE the lip pout photo. SOooo cute!

Emily B. said...

Well, let me thank you on Evie's behalf for all the sweet compliments! I can't stop looking at her now, still getting used to the new look.
Alisha, we went to the Hair and Shampoo Center (glamorous, I know) out at 21st and Maize. There used to be an East location too, but they recently closed. They really cater to little ones, which I like. Kayla did a good job!

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