Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Unwelcome Check in the Mail?

An unwelcome check. Yes, apparently there is such a thing. We got one today... it was our earnest money that had been released from the house we had a contract on. Seeing it plucked a bitter string in my heart.

We had/have a contract to sell our home as well, but our buyer got laid off. So the purchase of this other home was contingent on the sale of ours... which hasn't come together. The seller of the home we were to buy received another contract without a contingency, which is really good for them, a little heart-breaking for us. We would have done exactly the same thing in their position and are happy that they can make their next move. It has really struck me how one person getting laid off can ripple out and effect so many lives... we are still praying for him to find work, he's got it the worst in all of this. 

Perspective in all this is: yes, we are very disappointed not to be moving this week into a dreamy home that we believed to be our next home, but we trust God has a bigger plan unfolding. There are purposes, lessons and circumstances happening that we cannot see or understand. But He knows our needs and is even shaping the desires of our hearts to better reflect His. We are thankful for that and resting in this assurance.


We wouldn't have asked for things to go this way, 
but often these turns are the ones that take us directly where we need to be.

P.S. I prefer the translation of this verse that calls Jesus the Author and perfecter of our faith, but in this circumstance I need reminding to "consider it all in comparison with my trials".

P.S.S. I know I've been an absentee blogger this Summer, but I know you all can live without my random thoughts and images, and that you can forgive my absence. :)


Bethany said...

Could He have a more perfect house at a more perfect time? I believe He must because He loves you so much! But I'm sorry you're going through this time right now. Love you, and love to see your blog again!

Jodien said...

"God will take care of you!" that is a quote from you that you shared with me when going through a hard time. It has encouraged me over and over to keep going! So keep going, friend, He will take care of you! Love you!

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