Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Our trip this Summer to NYC and the Jersey Shore was full of good stuff that I wanted to write about... yet I'm realizing there are quite a few things I haven't shared. So I think I'll just spread out my posts until say, our next trip.

An unexpected blessing during our vacation was that someone in the family was always happy to hang out while Evie napped, which allowed Philip and I numerous opportunities to get out and explore. One afternoon my father-in-law Joe and I decided to walk to the flea market down the street. You would be hard-pressed to find better company to go treasure-hunting!

This is where we were headed, but on the way there we saw this church.
A Croatian Roman Catholic Church. It's just a couple of blocks away from Joe and Laura's place so Joe had seen it before and wanted to go in to have a look, but had never been successful in finding it open.

I would likely have stopped with taking pictures from the outside and been happy with that. But Joe doesn't know a stranger and we happened to catch someone on their way out and he wasn't too shy to ask if we could go in. And even though language was a bit of a barrier, they were happy to let us look around!

Oh my, look what we would have missed!
We had gone treasure hunting and had found it.

I will have to elaborate at another time... but in my experience of grace, I most identify with the story of the Prodigal Son. The heartbreak and shame in the son covering his face contrasted by the warmth and open arms of his father running to receive him... so humbling and wonderful to be loved like that!

Like Peter, I need reminding to trust God when I am afraid, not only in my head, but in my actions.

The forgivness this woman was experiencing that brought this beautiful and extravagant act of pouring perfume onto Jesus' feet, kissing and washing them with her tears and drying them with her hair.
This image deserves an entire post... I cannot summarize the depth of what was happening in a couple sentences.

After the beauty and reverence of this place... we were off to the flea market. Talk about contrasts!
This was the view of the backside of the church, I love all the copper!

I still wish I could have brought this painting home.

And I didn't notice it until last night, but I really like that black floral needlepoint in the left-hand corner.

I think this is one that Joe has had his eye on...

I could have covered all our walls with the cool prints I saw that day, this would have been sweet in Evie's room.

Here's my wonderful company for the afternoon, my father-in-law Joe.

Eye candy!

The people-watching was almost as fun as the shopping.

These made me think of my cousin Elisabeth... should I have gotten these for you?

Someone's love for butterflies became harmful... those poor butterflies.

I like maps! And globes!

And yet another thing I couldn't bring home, the ceramic piece of the little boys holding up the lotus bud.

Did I tell you it was unbelievably HOT. This lemonade could not have been enjoyed more! Refreshing.

And even though it required shipping home, Joe bought this piece for Philip and I!
I fell in love with it. Wasn't that the nicest gift! It's so beautiful!

I've tried to decipher the title and signature to research the artist, but haven't had any luck.

Can any of you make it out? I am curious to find out more about the artist.


Anonymous said...

Emily, you seem like a delightful travel companion yourself. I enjoyed seeing the Croatian church through your eyes, and looking at all of the cool things you took home with your camera from the flea market. Not sure how you'll end up using your gifts and talents in the future, but it will be neat.

Mindy M. Harris said...

Emily! I envy this trip. And it's so cute you went with your f.i.l. I love Harold so much too (my f.i.l.). I like the new painting but I can't make it out either; seems like another language or somethin'.
did you enter the giveaway for a bow for you or Evie?

Emily B. said...

Thank you to the anonymous compliments! And I like how you phrased that I took home items from the market with my camera... in a sense I did get to bring them home. Your comments are encouraging to me, thank you!

And Mindy, isn't it wonderful that we love our in-laws, from people's comments it seems that is uncommon. What a blessing! It was a special trip, we can't get up there as often as we'd like to be with our family. And yeah I think it might be Dutch or French but I can't tell... and I did enter the giveaway last night. In fact I think it must've been when you were writing me, I was writing you!

richelle jean said...

oh my... SO many great finds! i love that retro vintage suitcase and everything else!!!!

Emily B. said...

Richelle Jean! Thanks for visiting my blog! That suitcase was a favorite too, such great color. I just adored your dancing and find it inspiring that you are pursuing it with your whole heart!

Jodien said...

I want to visit just for that place! I had my eye on that needlepoint too Em. Great pics of the church...I wanted to see the doors, they looked cool.

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