Monday, October 4, 2010

I Dance Poorly... But Am Still Loved

A couple of nights ago we got to see my niece Emma dance, and man she's good!
But I forgot my camera and I'm kicking myself for that... she was adorable.
How very good it was to see her having fun and being free to move in joy (in front of others!!!) 

The other day Evie woke up grumpy from her nap, so to try and cheer her up I danced her milk and crackers to her... and then I look up to hear Philip coming in the front door, (which is next to a big picture window!) and yes he had seen me dancing. This was not a cool dance, it was goofy with dramatic sweeping motions and slightly reminiscent of the ballerina hippos in the movie Fantasia... oh I was mortified with flushing red cheeks and everything! He didn't laugh or anything like that, but I think it's because he was mortified too.

But it's okay. I dance poorly, but am still loved. I need to get over my embarrassment and just embrace it for being fun. I'm not entering any competitions or public performances, it is for fun, that's all. I appreciated what my friend Christy said here about letting her children see her do things that she's not too good at, and having fun. 

Here is a really sweet video of someone who dances very well, and has fun with it. It's the cutest choreography and it just makes me happy to watch it. I might even be dancing along with her trying to get some rhythm.

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