Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, hello handsome! 
Cruz is our newest little cousin... 
he's growing all too quickly, but he makes up for that with his sweetness. 
Look at that face!

 Speaking of growing too quickly... Evie looks entirely too grown-up in this picture.

I love that Evie and Eliana were able to share the giant doggy! 
He might have met his end today with all their rough-housing... 
we kept finding piles of stuffing that had come out.

The kiddos had a very toddler-friendly lunch, but I think Bethany and I had the treat. Homemade bierocks, YUM.

Evie and Eliana couldn't have been more opposite in their painting style! 
Evie wasn't too into it today, but typically doesn't like to get messy. 
In fact, a couple drops of ice cream on her dress brought her to tears. 
Eliana on the other hand...

painted her tongue, wrist,

                                         and tummy (oh yes, and the paper!)
She had Bethany and I dying with laughter.

I wish we could have stayed all afternoon, but the kiddos were getting tired. 
I made a quick exit to try and avoid the teary departure we had from the zoo last week. 
I hope to post pictures from that visit too!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

So glad to have you girlies come over today and spend time together. Thank you!

I love these pictures, I may need to get a couple of them from you. The one with Eliana painting her belly- seems to sum up my life completely right now. Love it!

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