Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Has the Best Puddles!

WARNING! This post has an excessive amount of pictures in it! That tends to be my way, but it is especially so today.

While in Colorado, our search for sunshine was satisfied at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. After several rainy days in the mountains, the blue skies and zoo made us happier campers! Upon arrival we were greeted by these towering and colorful giraffe statues, but Evie's interest laid at her feet, in the form of puddles large and small.

Here was our first puddle of the day. Evie does not discriminate against the littlest of puddles, they are fully acceptable in her eyes.
I found it funny that in the presence of such impressive giraffes and other interesting things, like a zoo built on the side of a mountain... that Evie's fascination was in it's puddles. I guess sometimes it really is in the simplest of pleasures that toddlers revel, like playing more with the box than the toy that comes in it.

Oh wait, there's a giant giraffe with blue and green spots!
Look at that!
And we're back to the puddles...
Fascinating birds...


I however was amazed at how many giraffes there were, maybe 12 or more...

Evie wasn't ready to feed them, so daddy did. Pretty brave if you ask me!
This is when he got slimed. I love the look of disgust on both Philip and the giraffe's face,
and the look of awe on Evie's. 

And even though it's artificial, this is the closest I've gotten to a Baobab tree. So cool...

Evie said this bird had "cool hair", I agree.

I wanted to stop and watch the meer cats longer, but Evie had other plans. Don't you just want to rub their round bellies? Or is that just me?

Chipmunks being adorable...
sheer delight over the chipmunks...

The carousel made me giddy.

The calliope music reminded me of Joyland. I wish that Evie could have experienced that place! Here's a clip of Louie playing the Wurlitzer... (sorry if clowns creep you out, just scroll down and listen to the music, that's what I love).

An orange fire hydrant plopped in the midst of purple lupine seems like a silly thing to take a picture of, but there's just something wonderful about these colors, don't you think?

I thought this tiger seemed especially serene...

and after seeing where the tiger lives, I understand it's serenity.

Like "Where's Waldo", can you find the tiger?

Who enjoyed the zoo more? It's a toss-up.

A giant ant in "My Big Backyard".

Hmm... can we get mushrooms like this for our backyard?

This year we didn't pack a stroller, (space was at a premium in our compact SUV). And arriving at the zoo when Evie would typically be starting her nap time, made us consider renting a stroller. But, she not only had energy for the afternoon without a nap, she was skipping UP all the hills and playing in/on/and around everything else! Did I ever have this much energy? 

Winding down at the hotel after a memorable day. (Complete with the souvenir lion juice bottle!)

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will likely become a Colorado tradition for our family.

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