Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daddy Set the Standard

Where do I begin?
A friend of mine named Karie wrote something about daddies that really stuck with me...
(you can follow the link on her name to read her sweet blog)
the idea is that a father sets the standard for a daughter's guy relationships.
Karie's husband takes their daughter out on daddy/daughter dates. I think the intentionality they are taking and how they are investing in their daughter is really touching and valuable.
And Philip agrees with me that we should do the same for Evie. 
It is exciting to think of the impact this can have in her life.

So this makes me reflect on my father, and I know I am blessed to say that He is truly wonderful.
I have never known anyone who better encourages me in my interests and talents.
And having lived out the Bible story of the "Prodigal Son" (as the prodigal daughter), I have been more fully able to receive and understand divine grace and forgiveness because of my tangible experience of it with my earthly father. That has profoundly changed who I am and the value that I feel!

So Daddy, Happy Father's Day (late, I'm sorry)!
And THANK YOU for setting the bar high, for guiding and shaping my standard of a man.
The faith, love, strength and patience you have shown me have become the traits I value most about Philip.

And it means even more to me that this little girl is experiencing that kind of fatherly love.

From her daddy,

from my daddy,

and from his daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all three of you, you are setting the bar high.


Karie said...

Great post and sweet, sweet pictures :)

Cottage Industrious said...

Thank you Karie! I'm their paparazzi. :)

Karen Franklin said...

So nice! So many people regret not telling their loved ones how they feel before it's too late. You are blessing the special men in your life, and Evie is blessed to have them too.

sisteramy said...

i know this is late reading this but you made me cry. I miss you and i love what you wrote and it's so true. I had a deadbeat dad for the first 4 years of my life until God gave me Harold. I still deal with the first 4 years and what they have done to my relationships. but i'm so thankful that Harold has helped me see things differently slowly but surely. hope you see this...


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