Sunday, August 15, 2010

Right Out of Pollyanna

We were quite the sight walking into Ocean Grove, NJ from the train station; the eight of us in the rain, walking in a caravan of umbrellas, rolling suitcases and stroller.  

As we passed through the gates into town we read the signs "Enter his gates with thanksgiving in your hearts", and we were charmed. (Ocean Grove is called "God's little square mile" and was founded in 1869.)

Hmm... this one's for sale, two blocks from the beach and only nine times our current mortgage! Gulp.

 This is part of the "tent city" that surrounds the auditorium which was built in 1894.

 Folks on the lawn outside the auditorium listening to a concert inside.

One evening's event was a big choir festival with close to 800 voices.

 We just hung outside, wandered around, and we might have had some delicious ice cream at this place.

All I wanted to do was wander around town with my camera, go to the beach, and hang out with the family. And that's all that I had to do. How wonderful is that?!

 Are you charmed too?

 I kept saying to myself, this one is my favorite...

 No, this one...

Or maybe this one, yes definitely this one. (Do you see the sunflowers over on the right side of their yard? They are the cherry on top.)

We were inside of the movie Pollyanna, or a Norman Rockwell painting. Magical.

Another ice cream institution... I told you it was magical.


Karen Franklin said...

Love the photos, Emily. Feel like I was with you on vacation!

Mindy M. Harris said...

SPECTACULAR. I'm so going there. Ohwonderful.

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