Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random... That's Me In A Nutshell

I can't come up with a rhyme or a reason to share these things in a cohesive way, but if you know me, that's really nothing new. :)

This little guy was a most favorite find at my new favorite thrift store, he's Japanese. Favorite, favorite!

And I could just stick this puzzle in a frame it's so cute! The colors are amazing.
Hmm, frame it or play with it?
(It's from the same thrift store!)

 I have a new application from on my computer's home page... a recent word that I have enjoyed is
diaphanous: allowing light to pass through.
(and now this image of the butterfly's wings will always be tied to that word, in my mind.)

I think it's fun that at two-years-old, Evie is prone to sort things and arrange them.

I see some very sweet details in this photo I'd like to point out... (that helps me appreciate the good and wonderful gift God's given me in Philip)

  • he is covered in stickers from Evie

  • he is carrying the diaper bag and my camera bag

  • he had just told strangers that I was awesome

  • and he knew that these turtles were called Red-Earred Sliders

How she can eat in this position, I don't know... but maybe she was explaining it in this Magna-Doodle note that she wrote.


dana @ my little celebration said...

This is a beautiful post. My favorite part was the photo of Philip covered in stickers, holding your diaper bag and camera, and pointing out water frogs to Evie. What a great husband you have. And what an incredible blessing that is. Love you Em.

Emily B. said...

Thank you Dana! That photo was my favorite also, for obvious reasons... and I meant to tell you how great it was that John would pose for your workout photos, those were hilarious and he is a gem to do that for you! We both have been given much. God is good. Love you too!

Karen Franklin said...

I like your pic of Philip and Evie as well. You also could mention that he chose to go to Botanica with you gals. I also like how thankful you are for him. I also like that pond at Botanica. We've spent several hours there over the years looking at the fish (and trying to catch them with homemade fishing poles.)

Emily B. said...

Karen, you are so right that I could have gone on some more... sometimes I can take for granted that Philip does things with us girls like go to Botanica AND he will go to art shows/museums and even shoe shopping with us!
I love the visual of you and your family with the homemade fishing poles, there are some monster fish in that pond!

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