Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'll Be Right Back!

My apologies for the long absence... I'm really missing blogging and have so much to share!

But, I'm trying to learn discipline in being more faithful with what's on my plate. Which for me, means first investing my time in the essentials or highest priorities and when there is time leftover, I can spend it on the less vital endeavors. And unfortunately blogging is high on my "Want To" list, but not as high on my "Need To" list. 

So to clarify, I plan to blog next week with all the fun things that have been keeping me busy! Thanks for your patience all two of you who are missing this funny little blog! :) 


Mindy M. Harris said...

anyone enjoying evie's hand-me-downs? just a thought. we could take good care of them & return them when you want.
also i keep seeing stuff you'd like @ estate sales.
miss ya.

Bethany said...

Miss you so much and can't wait to hear about all the fun you've had... (Really looking forward to pics too. Thanks for taking them!)

angela said...

I read your blog so make that 3 people who miss it :)

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