Monday, January 17, 2011

A Pony Birthday Party

We had a sweet, little celebration for this sweet, little girl.

My dear cousin Bethany and I

I had to wait a couple frames to get my dad's eyes on me... he couldn't take his eyes off of momma.
I love that.

Momma and her SIL Laurel, and little Cruz

Beautiful sisters, Bethany and Elisabeth, sitting for the last of my pictures, (I was bossing people around to get these groupings).

The cake was Evie's request... chocolate, yellow, with unicorns on it with purple and pink too.
The frosting was peppermint, yum.

The ponies were from LaLa's childhood, (Evie's grandmother that we don't call grandmother)!

Handsome daddy

With cinnamon & sugar pretzels, white-chocolate pretzel rods, bowls of lollipops, punch, grapes, and cake and ice cream we had way more goodies than what we could get away with!

The carousel cake topper made a hat for Finley. It was much cuter on him, of course!

Later that day, dinner cuteness. I had to grab my camera to catch the mimicking.

This isn't the best photo of it, but I wanted to show you the funny little unicorn I made for Evie! It turned out so small and that made it really tricky, but I am hooked and want to make more little dolls and animals now, like this one... too cute!


Bethany said...

So much fun and what a beautiful party! I'm so glad we could be a part of Evie's special day. She's a special girl and we love her so much!

Mindy M. Harris said...

that party looks like an awesome time! cute ideas all around that i may steal for storygirl if that's ok! i like the little dish the small pics of evie are resting in.
where's eliana's dress from? did you get my facebook mssg about playdates?

Emily B. said...

Thanks! We are so thankful for you and your family Bethany. The love you guys show her is a treasure to us.
And Mindy, I'm flattered if you saw something you can use, idea-wise. Of course that would be so fine! I am a little stunned to be thinking and talking of a birthday for Story, already! Too fast. The dish is a gift from Elisabeth (Anthropologie awesomeness), and I think Eliana's dress is Zutano, which I wish they made in my size. :) And I'm about to check on the mssg, because I might have missed something!

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