Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three-Year-Old Portrait Attempts, The Hand-Me-Down Plant & Tissue Butterflies

This post is a smattering of this and that, a hodge-podge, mish-mash succatash.

We were playing with words at dinner tonight.
Lots of fun, slap it on a bun, brush it's teeth and make it run!
It's pretty hard to stop when it makes Evie giggle. Best sound in the world.

This is how our mini-photo shoot went...

Not incredibly well. Although, it's already funnier in hindsight than it was at the time. Just not quite the level of cooperation I was hoping for. We got some fun ones, but we'll try again another day, maybe outside, when I'm feeling better, (so that I'll have lots of patience).

And why on earth have I not trimmed this wacky plant?! I wanted to see if it would reach the ceiling if I let it. The funky little thing reached the top of the window and it bloomed! I didn't know it blooms. This was an adopted plant from our friend Jacque. She and her family couldn't take it with them when they moved to Mississippi. We miss you Jacque, and look at this crazy thing... delightfully wacky and beautiful. Just like you. :)

The last random thing for today are these tissue-paper butterflies... Evie kind of helped me with these. I need to do better at picking age-appropriate crafts. But these were so cute I couldn't resist. They were so easy to make, we might test the limits of how many are cute vs. infestation.


Mindy Harris said...

i love your guys' vintage chair and evie's sortof hippie shirt. :-)

my little celebration said...

Ooh, can you share the link to how to make the butterflies? They're so cute!

Oh, and I adore your totally random posts : ) They're lovely.

Emily B. said...

Thanks Mindy and Dana!

Mindy it fits that it's sort of a hippie shirt. Umm, because her sort of hippie momma picked it out. ;)

Dana, here's the link to the butterflies...


I had seen this craft project earlier at a different site, but just searched google for images and linked to this barakah site from their pretty pic! They really are easy, and I'd like to make More, More, More! I might have to go and get the silvery and cute pipe-cleaners like they used and make longer curly-q antennaes, but I had brown on hand, so... :) I think your sunshiney bedroom is just crying out for some!

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