Sunday, May 22, 2011

In Her Sunday Best

Just had to photograph this cuteness before we headed to church this morning! 
It was a pleasant surprise how cooperative Evie was for picture taking... 
normally she'll rush the camera or not smile. 
I wish I would've caught Philip too, but he had a meeting beforehand.

This afternoon there was lots of reading and naps for all! 
Tonight I made fried rice (like how I learned to in Thailand), 
it was easy and it sort of tasted like Pad Thai. 
And all these good, little things were heightened by the fact that Philip only has two days left to teach for the school year. 
(More time with him is always good!)

 Then let the home projects commence so we can put this house on the market! 


Mindy M. Harris said...

u r selling? congrats, honey. u look really beautiful.
and evie is too.much.

Elisabeth said...

You two are beautiful, Emily!

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