Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raindrops and Butterflies

We made it to Botanica just in time for a lot of rain this morning! 

Thankfully we were able to have our lunch inside and wait for things to clear a bit. 
The rain slowed enough that we ventured out towards the fountain to sniff all the lovely roses, and then it started to pick up again. 

Uncertain whether we'd get stranded in a downpour or not, we decided to go further out to the butterfly house. I thought there was more cover to it than just a mesh roofing, but there was a drier area at one end. 

We weren't expecting butterflies yet, and were surprised to find some. 
The cool temperatures and wet day seemed to make them inactive, 
hopefully they weren't freezing! 

The upside of this (our reward for braving the cold and wet), was that we got to hold the butterflies more than ever!

1 comment:

Karie said...

I love Evie's expressions while holding the butterfly :) Beautiful photos, as always :)

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