Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

A little over a week ago, we were lucky enough to be part of this incredibly, cute birthday party...

for the beautiful Eliana who is three now!
Her momma, Bethany continues to amaze me.

We got to: have tea with my lovely momma, in her fabulous hat,

lick the frosting off of delicious strawberry cupcakes,

reach up high to touch the decorations,

and try on hats with the adorable Emma!

The most whimsical rabbit was there having tea,

and the loveliest hostess, my cousin Bethany!

There were so many delicious treats,

but the highlight of course was the wonderful company,

gathered around this precious girl turning three.

Big brother Diego kept the mood by lowering the lights when the candles were lit.

And sweet cousin Emma made a cuddly place to sit!

Even Cruz wore a hat and made it look good!

And one of my favorite gifts... was the dress-up box made by aunt Nine, (Diane)! 
(Evie was blessed to be a recipient of this thoughtful gift too! Even the custom boxes matched each girls room!)

Finley getting kisses from Wendy! The little ones in our family are so loved.

Here is a glimpse of the treasure-trove that was inside of the dress-up box...

I loved seeing Philip in a hat,

and Emma and Corbin loving on Evie!

And there's the birthday girl's Papi, Jesse.

Eliana was so gracious to let Evie try out some of her new gifts! 
We just had the loveliest time. What a blessing to be part of this family!

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Bethany said...

Thank you for sharing your photos, Emily. You have such a knack for capturing beautiful moments! I'm so glad you could be there. (It was a beautiful time with all our terrific family- we truly are blessed!)

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