Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giant Pumpkins, Mutant Chickens and Pronto Pups

Sounds like the State Fair to me... except there are other fun things there as well.

Like the "Do Art" building that's set up with all kinds of art supplies, artsy helpers and a fun fishy project.

I ended up doing most of the decorating, Evie was a bit distracted by all the cool fish on the walls. (Why didn't I take a picture of that?!)

This pure delight was brought on by the presence (sights and sounds) of many chickens and other various poultry.

Aren't these some handsome roosters?

And what happened to this guy?
Is he truly a mutant chicken like I think he is, or is this a variety of chicken that isn't printed on wallpaper or dishtowels? 

Hello pink-eyed bunny.

Evie has developed an early interest and desire to ride ferris wheels.

And despite how enormous this must have looked to little her, there was no hesitation at all!

She led the way to the ticket counter...

and took it all in during our ride.

We also got to see some new babies!

This sweet calf must have been a bit intimidating eye-to-eye.

We passed on the donut burger...

in favor of a Pronto Pup, Evie's very first!
She liked it very much until she got down to the pokey stick.

I'm guessing the "Pronto Pup" is a regional thing, but it's a fair favorite.

One of my favorite things is to see these beautiful quilts.
The one below is a pattern I'd like to use by Kaffe Fassett (made completely with his fabrics).

There is something about this display that I find appealing...

And we just had to visit the giant pumpkins!
771 pounds!!! I remember seeing a documentary about growing these record breaking fruits (is it a fruit?) and being fascinated at how care-intensive and competitive it was.

It was a pretty day, hot, but pretty.

We were entertained by our loopy/tired little girl all the way home.

Here is the finished fish, kinda cute. But I would've found him cuter if Evie had done more of it. Because, you know... everything she does is a work of art. :)

And after an already full and fun morning, we came home to a package from LaLa and PaJoe for Evie!
They sent her these super cute Piglet and Roo! She loves them, Piglet even went to church with us this morning!

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Dana said...

BEAUTIFUL post Emily. Your photos are just perfect, and your writing compliments them so well. Love it.

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