Monday, September 27, 2010

A Work In Progress

Back in the Spring we switched Evie from her crib to a twin bed... and I am still working on putting her room together in a pleasing way. I'm finding that when I change one thing, I then need to change two more to make it all work together.

Does this seem to be the way of things for you, or am I just lucky?
(I'm honestly not too bothered by this because it's fun to work on these little projects, making time to do them seems to be the real trick.)

First came this amazing rug, then we found the bed and Philip refinished it to compliment the rug.

Then came the dilemma of finding bedding that would look nice with the rug, that's when I decided to make the quilt. (That was fun to do, and one of my first blog entries!)

Once the quilt was finished I quickly realized the need for some cute pillows to go with it, and decided that I should fix my wonky curtains by adding on some of the leftover fabric. (Curtains are next on my sewing to do.)

At some point in all of this I decided that the decals on the walls were too busy, took those down and now need to retouch paint in several places. And I am slowly finding pieces to fill in the bare wall spaces...

Like the frame (above), and birds on a branch that I doused in watermelon pink spray-paint.

Found a teepee and needed to rearrange to find a home for it...

And the last funny little treasure that I found was this wire (dishwasher basket?) to corral the mass of hair-stuff and lotion on top of the bureau. This made me happier than I can say to have found a solution to that mess!

Evie gets excited when I bring something new into her room, but she doesn't seem to notice all the things I feel are yet to be done. So, I will not stew on these things. They are not pressing or important in the big scheme, but rather just an enjoyment and appreciation of this sweet home God has given us.


Mindy M. Harris said...

wonderful! do wilder's room?

Karen Franklin said...

Looks great! Love your creative touches.

Cottage Industrious said...

Mindy thanks, but I couldn't improve on Wilder's fantastic room! I'm pretty sure you should be the designer out of the two of us... it would be fun though to put our heads together and see what fresh ideas we might have for eachother.

Karen, thank you! I loved all your photos of the picnic, and it was hilarious watching all the fun your guys were having in the egg-head competition!

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