Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Long Was That On My Shirt?!

Okay, so here's a couple of "You know you're a mommy when_____" moments.

1. After getting Evie down for a nap this afternoon I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. EWW! What is THAT, and how many of my errands was that there for? Thinking back it had to have been Evie sneezing on me after eating animal crackers... kinda gross, huh? It was on a black t-shirt too, so it showed up nicely. Beautiful.

2. I get ridiculously delighted about almost everything Evie does. Let me back track... we've been going to the library once a week and get new books, CDs and DVDs. Evie will get hooked on several of the books and want to read them several times a day. Once she is familiar with the book, she will "read' it to me/us, which entails describing what she sees in the pictures, and also repeating what words she remembers. Well, today when she read "Beach Day" by Patricia Lakin to me I was sort of blown away by what is either her strong memory or the beginning of word recognition!

I know, so typical, another momma who thinks her kid is a genius... you can tease me, that's alright, I'm not too overly sensitive. :) I asked if she would read it again for me to take a video, and she did.

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