Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Walk In the Woods

Philip played in the band at church this weekend. Evie and I joined him for the new Saturday night service and we didn't need to be anywhere Sunday morning. The skies were overcast, temperatures were fall-like, and the park was calling us to take a walk in the woods. Oh, if I must!

I was sorry that Philip wasn't able to come too, but was so giddy to be out on such a beautiful, crisp morning that it was okay to just be Scooter Pie and me.

Let's see... which way shall we go?

This way?

No, maybe this way...

Yes, there are mossy logs down this path...

giant oaks,

and pretty berries.

This is the reaction I got when I told her this is the bathtub of the giant that lives across the river in the castle.

It was a really beautiful morning... it makes me hungry for more Fall, and soup.

On the way home we stopped by my favorite fence of morning glories... I used to ride my bike over to see them, that was when we lived in the neighborhood as newlyweds. That's a sweet memory.


Mindy M. Harris said...

awww...such fun. beautiful pictures. we are lucky to get to see such excellent photography.
evie is getting TALL!

Chris and Amy said...

Thanks so much for sharing these - you capture God's creation brilliantly!!

Cottage Industrious said...

You all are so nice. Thank you for the compliments, I feel blessed to just enjoy all this beauty! What lavish love our Father has shown us!

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