Saturday, May 8, 2010

Evie's "Big-Girl Bed" Quilt

More often than he should have to, Philip has to remind me (a night-owl) not to stay up all night, especially when I am excited about a project. Last night was one of those nights. And I wasn't too bad really, I was under the covers before 1:00 am! I had finally gotten all the pieces cut for Evie's quilt a couple nights ago, and I was itching to piece it all together! Cutting all that fabric is not my favorite part of sewing, too many precise measurements, double checking and all that up-tight stuff. But that is done now, and I didn't make any fatal flaws as far as I can see. Whew! Sew, sew, sew and now the front of the quilt is done and it's good to see it all together.

It's been quite the process.

I wanted to keep the design simple, since the rug's design is elaborate.

Nothing in the stores was right with the rug! Oh my, the rug is the reason we couldn't settle for just any bedding. This rug is the. Most. Beautiful! Thank you, thank you to Bill and Andrea for passing it on from Molly's room and blessing us with it! 

I had to attempt something equally beautiful to compliment the rug. It was a good excuse to go fabric shopping at Sarah's in Lawrence. ( I get more excited than anyone should over that place, my behavior there could be qualified as manic!) That is what I got to do for my birthday.

These are what I picked out. I admit this is not all that I bought.

I especially like this print.

And am in love with these colors. (Not surprising to me that this one is from designer Kaffe Fassett, one of my favorites.)

And this is what I've done so far.
I need to get some stuffing and figure out the back still... but the hardest part is done! Hmm... now for some pillows, and curtains, and...


TheHappyNeills said...

love love love it!

a new or vintage sheet makes a great quilt backing! sturdy and CHEAP! i can't wait to sew fallyn's big girl bed quilt. got the pieces cut and a perfect sheet to go on the back. you're way ahead of me!

Cottage Industrious said...

Note to self, thanks Kendra, that is a great idea! You are not far behind me if you've got pieces cut, I think the sewing goes so quickly. I keep changing my mind about the backing...

Resa said...

It's just lovely! And I LOVE Sara's too! I went there for my nursery fabric before Elena was born and then again for some funky-cool designs for a few hooter-hiders that I made. So. Hard. To. Use. Restraint. There.

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