Monday, May 31, 2010

I Want to Go to There

As the temperature and humidity climb higher, this is what's on my mind.
We get to go soon!

We would go more than once a year, if a long day of driving (with a toddler) didn't stand between us. Evie was about 17 months old when we went last year. Notice that she's holding up one finger, it could stand for her being one year-old, or it could also represent how many hours she slept out of a twelve hour ride! I'm not kidding.

My mom and dad have property here, outside of Fairplay... isn't it beautiful!
There are wild iris growing by this stream.
Last year's trip was Evie's first time in the mountains.

It seems that she enjoyed it, what do you think?

This is how it makes me feel.

We always visit Breckenridge, it's only 22 miles away, 22 gorgeous miles...

We also visited Denver, my old college-town. This park in Stapleton was really cool!

Evie climbed her first mountain there with daddy's help! (A rubberized-purple mound.)

We're coming Colorado!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Your pictures of Colorado make me want to go back so bad! (Evie is adorable by the way) We went last summer, too. If that was the only place we vacationed I would be ok with that.

I saw that you also read the blog, Whatever. I am completely addicted to reading it, checking it everyday. I saw her a few times around Newton, but I don't know her. I do see people on her blog that I know every once in awhile.

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