Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loves My Evie Scout

There are some things about Evie that are so completely endearing to her daddy and I that I make the mistake of thinking we will remember them forever... but I know she is ever-changing and my memory is fleeting too. So, even though this post won't be quite as enthralling as it is to those that love her, I need to record them for my own memory. Selfish, I know. Because it feels like this was just yesterday!

Evie is gaining independence in her ability to do things on her own. It's fun to see her put outfits together. And when it's time to climb up to the table for a meal, or brush her teeth/wash her hands at the sink she hurries off in search of her step-stool saying, "Oh, get the goof!". Stool = goof.

When I say "smile" for a picture, this is the face I get.

Evie is very verbal, especially in anticipation of things to come. Like when I tuck her in for her nap, she starts listing off the things we'll do afterward. "Evie turn off (her humidifier), light on, shoes on, mommy, daddy, go outside, pretty great! Yay!" And she claps during the "pretty great!" exclamation, I love that.

She loves to be outside and enjoys gardens. We go to Botanica every week with Granma and eat our lunch outside, then wander around letting Evie lead the way. It's also fun to take a tour around our own garden admiring and observing what is growing or blooming. Evie keeps surprising me by recognizing plants and remembering their names. She knows lambs-ear, roses, daisies, yarrow, poppies, pansies, lily pads, peonies, dandylions, lilacs and tulips! This thrills me.

Evie gets mountains and fountains mixed up, so we look at the "mountains" at Botanica or around town. Remember we are in Kansas, so it's kinda funny.

She likes some unusual foods for a two year-old and will try just about anything on a good day. Evie enjoys Lebanese bulgur (with lots of tomatoes and onions in it), lobster, fish, spinach pesto, guacamole, bierocks, mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, hummus, cantaloupe and berries. I was such a picky eater when I was growing up, you could have crossed all these foods off of my menu except for the green beans and peas!

Sometimes Evie will put a piece of food on the edge of the table and say "I sorry sparagus." before eating the asparagus or whatever food it is. This gives Philip and I the giggles.

Evie loves garage sales, just like her daddy and I. She is fun to take treasure hunting and I'm grateful that she is such good company! She'll say, "More garage sales!" even after a morning full of them.

Evie claps when we go to church and loves going to Bible Study Fellowship too! She remembered her teacher's name from BSF after going only four times. Out of the blue one day she just started talking about her saying, "Mrs. Whitesell (hard name), nice lady, good lady." When I ask her what they do in bible study she lists off, singing, play dinosaurs, learn about Jesus, sleep and eat snack.
Philip has expressed how much it means to him that Evie warmly greets him when he gets home from work. Big hugs and a sweet welcome make coming home so nice!
Evie has a very expressive face and uses her hands when she speaks. Her eyebrows can say a lot without any words.

Thanks for indulging me, my heart is full of warm jelly now.


Momma Hen said...

i *love* the picture of philip and evie! it kinda reminds me of uncle joe (or even my dad or uncle eric!). nothing warms the heart more than a daddy lovin' on his baby...

(love your blog, btw! yay for blogs!!!)

TheHappyNeills said...

not selfish at all! it's your blog, primarily for your own record (and your family to look back on someday!). we all just get the honor of peeking in from time to time. :)

i'm the same way--if i don't record it, i'll forget, even when it's something i think i could NEVER forget!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful entry! And it so perfectly sums up everything we all love about Miss Evie Scout. I hope that this will be available in some form for her to see when she's older :)

lgardner said...

Beautiful, Emily! Made warm jelly here,too.

That could be a picture book....

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