Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommas Teach Us How to Love

How blessed I am that I have my momma.
She is a continuous source of love, gentleness, encouragement and strength.
She taught me how to love.
To love God, family and others.
To love nature, art, music, books, and good food (especially vegetables).

She deepens my love for my own family through her appreciation and enjoyment of them.

My momma has taught me to love my own daughter in a way I wouldn't have known without first having experienced it myself.
She is a thoroughly beautiful person.She is one of the people that I crave time with. And it always flies when I am with her.
And as if I wasn't rich enough with the momma God has given me, I am blessed even more with Philip's wonderful momma. 
Evie is a lucky little girl with a Granma and Lala that love her socks off!
And I am going to do everything I possibly can to follow their lead and teach Evie to love.

Happy Mother's Day!

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